Carlisle Library Newsletter

Special Issue May 2015

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Makerspace@ Carlisle Library

Greetings Carlisle Parents,

I have some very exciting news that I believe will have a positive impact on your children and our whole Carlisle community. The Carlisle Library is in the process of opening up its very own Makerspace! The plan is to have it up and running by next fall.

What is a Makerspace?

The Do It Yourself (DIY) mentality has been around for a while now and I think that Makerspaces gradually came out of that movement. The idea is to motivate people to become producers instead of consumers, that includes our children.

“Many libraries are offering places called “Makerspaces,” which are “part of a growing movement of hands-on, mentor-led learning environments to make and remake the physical and digital worlds. They foster experimentation, invention, creation, exploration, and STEM learning” (Institute of Museum and Library Services, 2012, para.1).

Why a Makerspace?

The students at Carlisle are eager to learn and they have a natural curiosity and a desire to create. I want this Makerspace to meet the needs of the children in our school community. In addition to our regular activities (e.g. lessons, reading, checking out books, etc.) students will be able to come to the library and learn more through exploration and creating.

I first realized how much students enjoyed creating during National Engineering Week. Moreover, I found out during 'engineering week' that many of our students from K-5 knew what an engineer was. Even our youngest students knew that engineers invent, design and create things. When I asked them how they knew this, many of our students told me that their parent(s) were engineers. I think a Makerspace will be a natural fit for our community.
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Vision & Goals

Makerspaces come in all shapes and sizes. I feel it is best to start small and gradually build it up. I want to make a space that students feel comfortable creating in and where learning can take place. I feel that it is important to embrace the needs of our students and incorporate curriculum as well into our Makerspace activities.

A Makerspace will help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in our students. It will allow them to increase their learning potential in a safe environment through exploration, discovery and creating.

Carlisle Library

Stay tuned...I will keep you posted about the changes coming to our library. If you would like to know more about Makerspaces and would like to volunteer, donate or help in any way, please feel free to contact me.

Carlisle Makerspace Mission Statement:

To allow students to explore and create in a safe environment, to have fun while learning, and to help prepare our children for a successful future beyond our Carlisle community.