Year 6 Newsletter

Term 3 - May 27th 2016

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"Earth without art is just eh!"

Unit of Inquiry - How We Express Ourselves - The Exhibition:

Central Idea: Creating and responding to the arts can develop understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Lines of Inquiry :

  • Creative processes in an art form, e.g. dance, coding, painting, sculpture, drama
  • Relationships between artist and audience
  • How artists continually reflect to improve their craft
  • Action people take as a response to The Arts

There is a real buzz along the Year 6 corridor at the moment. Art is everywhere and creativity is flowing through the classes as the children explore their chosen art form. This week has seen the children move away from researching the history and techniques to practicing the skills required to make an aesthetically pleasing piece of art.

The five transdisciplinary skills are being heavily tested more than ever as the children shape their own exhibition. The way they organise resources and equipment, and manage their time effectively is pushing their understanding of self-management. Also they are constantly thinking about the steps needed to create their intended final artwork.

All of the Year 6 teachers and children would like to send out a big thank you for all of the parent workshops which have taken place this week. Once again, the support and creativity of our wonderful community has enriched the children’s thoughts and helped have a taster of art as a career choice.

They have had the pleasure of experiencing what it is like to be a photographer, sculptor, textiles creator, fashion designer, interior designer, musician, painter, computer coder and dancer - what a list! Thank you one and all.

This week also saw the start of the end of year show - Mulan. A positive vibe is surging through every singing practice and among the actors and actress as they begin to rehearse their parts. As you were informed earlier this week by Mrs. Sheward, Mulan will be performed as part of the exhibition along with several other dance and musical acts. We hope you are looking forward to this inspirational, uplifting evening as much as we are!


In mathematics, the children have been inquiring into mathematical formulae. They will be investigating and using formulae which calculates area and volume of 2D and 3D shapes. We will be extending their knowledge of circles and triangles in particular using Pythagoras Theorem and Pi.

ESF Pastoral Day - Friday 3rd June

All Year 6 children will visit their chosen ESF Secondary school on Friday 3rd, June.

General Notices;

  • During Exhibition, children will be responsible for organising their own home learning in relation to their inquiry.

  • Please check the school newsletter or your child's diary for Swim sessions as they will change from week to week.

  • School closed - Kennedy School will be closed on Thursday 9th, and Friday 10th June for the Dragon Boat Festival and a Teacher Training Day

  • Namir Pansar will be performing in the 'Aladdin' at the Drama Theatre, APA, Wanchai on the 2nd and 5th June

  • Cinema Trip - All Year 6 children will be visiting the cinema in Cyberport the watch 3D ‘ Alice Through the Looking Glass’ on Thursday 23rd June - Please bring your 3D glasses with you!

Important Dates:

  • ESF Pastoral Day - All Year 6 children to visit their chosen ESF Secondary school on Friday 3rd, June
  • School closed - Thursday 9th & Friday 10th June
  • Exhibition/show evening - The Year 6 Exhibition will take place on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th June, starting at 5 pm
  • Year 6 Graduation Evening - Wednesday 22nd June
  • Cinema Trip - Thursday 23rd June - Please bring your 3D glasses with you!