Be Safe Online!

Tips for being safe on the internet

Creating A Strong Password...

From Bad To The Best!

  • A bad password would only use letter, like spelling out your name (ex.- ashleywright)
  • A better password would capitalizing letters (ex.- AsHlEyWrIgHt)
  • They best way to make a password is using the symbols (ex.- @$h1eywr!ght)
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Social Media Safety...

Changing Your Privacy Setting!

If you are on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media page you can always changer your privacy settings. You should always have it on so only your friends can see your page. Never friend a person that you don't know. If you follow these two things you shall be safe.
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Online Saftey...


  • Never talk to strangers
  • Never tell people your birthday or were you live
  • Don't try being someone your not
  • Make good decisions
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