Media Literacy Project

Nfinity Cheer Commercial // By: Bergen


This commercial suggests Nfinity Cheer shoes define your passion for cheer. They help you be your best on the mat, and bring your team together. They are the best cheer shoes ever!

About The Commercial

This commercial uses the strategy pathos, because they are trying to get your brain to link the Nfinity shoes with your passion for cheer (if your a cheerleader of course). And I also think they are using ethos, because they want to gain credibility by using those skillful "flippy things" to make you think you can do that too but with their brand of shoe. I also think that they use a little bit of transfer, because the girls seem to be passionate, it reflects on you that these shoes would be the best for you because they understand your passion for the sport.
Nfinity cheer shoes commercial

Advertising strategies

Ethos, Logos, and Pathos are the three main advertising strategies used by companies in ads and commercials worldwide. Ethos is the act of gaining credibility through a famous person or cultural icon because they are successful and they want you to think you will be too (if you use the product). Logos is the use of logical facts and even opinions to persuade you to buy their product because it's better than the "leading brand". Pathos is an association with your emotional and sometimes spiritual views to get you to buy a product because of the way you felt when you watched the commercial or saw the ad.

Level One: Observation


Girl tying shoes for 1 sec

Load-in for 2 sec

Stunt (double-up) for 4 sec

Tumbling for 5 sec

Stunt for 3 sec

Close-up on stunt or 1 sec

Jump sequence for 3 sec

Stunt for 7 sec

Close-up on stunt for 2 sec

Logo and shoes for 2 sec


- Stunts

- Flashy and skillful stunting and tumbling

- Jumps

- Shoes

- Cheer


No talking, but music is intense, upbeat, and energizing.


Movements are emphasized and sped up, mostly stunting. Cheerleaders (actresses) are carefully placed.


Cheerleaders influence on a very American culture. Cheer is bigger in the US than in any other country. These shoes are pointed towards these girls who are serious about the sport.


The production and overall quality of the commercial doesn't look very professional and high-quality. The audio track was an okay choice, but something a little less flashy and obnoxious would work as well. The filming was at different angles and focused on different things at different times.

Level Two: Interpretation

Review data from level one

- The shoes were heavily emphasized through the whole video, yet the logo wasn't shown very much

- The commercial infers that "If you wear these shoes, you'll be just as good as these girls"

- The shoes bring the team together

Level Three: Evaluation and application

Consider the quality of what you viewed


- Shows cool stunts and jumps and tumbling, trying to tell the audience that cheer is more than just what others think is a preppy little sport

- Implies that the shoes help make you better and bring your team together


- Bad quality video

- Music

- Logo only shown once

If you were the director of this performance, what might you do differently?

I would change the music (and probably get a higher quality camera), emphasize the logo and name a little more, and maybe keep everything up to regular speed.