Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

April 4, 2014

A testing we will go...

We have had a great week of SBA testing. The kids were focused and had a great attitude and work ethic. Thank you for all the support. Only two students (so far) had to take a make-up test and they did that today. Next Tuesday, our fourth grade class will finish the SBA season by taking the Science Assessment. So now, it is back to learning.

We have had a Science focus going on all year and now it is time to demonstrate some of the learning. On May 1st we will conduct our Tustumena Science Fair. Classes and individual students will display some of the concepts they have been studying. It is a great combination of learning and having fun. Students will review the Science fair in the afternoon and then the evening fair will be open at 4:30 and will run until 6:00pm. Please plan on coming in and seeing some fun demonstrations and displays. It will be a great event for the whole family.

Another event our PTO conducted a couple of times this year is their Box Top Store. During these mornings, students brought box tops to school and exchanged them for prizes. It may seem like small change, in fact a dime at a time, but these store openings raised nearly $200 this year. Thank you PTO for all you do for our school and the creative ways you do them.

Our PTO is also sponsoring a Dessert Bingo event the night of April 17. Please come, have fun, and maybe bring home your Easter dessert. There will be no school on April 18th (Good Friday) so this will be a long weekend.

Thank you again for all the support you gave to our teachers and the students during this assessment week.


Doug Hayman

Bingo is Coming Again!!

Dessert Bingo is on Thursday, April 17th

We need 4 volunteers to oversee Lynxo for books with the children.

Two shifts need to be filled 6:00 – 7:00 and 7:00 – 8:00.

I hope you’ll come and join the fun!

Pre-School News

Thank you to all the parents who showed up to our Pre-K meeting on Thursday. If you have a pre-k (4 year old) that you would like screened for our program please contact our school 260-1345.

One question that was asked at our meeting was, "Can pre-school students ride the bus with their older siblings in the mornings?" The answer is, "No, they can not." There was an exception in the past but the transportation contract does not allow pre-schoolers on the bus. That's okay though, the conversations you will have with your Pre-schooler each morning will be priceless, you wouldn't want to miss those anyway. Thank you for asking.