OCT. 9th, 2017 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

All Means All!


Last week we shared the Beliefs created by our teachers in each grade level. Our Specials Team, Special Education Team, and Instructional Specialists Team will soon be creating Beliefs posters, as well.

NOW look at what our students believe! Click here or the the picture below to listen to what our students believe they can accomplish.

Look how the beliefs are connected with the 4 Cornerstones and the No Excuses University Beliefs!

Resource Stewardship

  • In LISD, when we say we want to be good stewards of our resources, we aren't just talking about taxpayer dollars.
  • Resource stewardship is about three things: our time, talent and treasure.
  • Strike a positive work/life balance with our time;
  • Nurture our talents as educators through meaningful professional learning;
  • Manage our treasure in a fiscally responsible way while still meeting student needs.
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October 10th Campus Professional Development

We are looking forward our learning together on Oct 10th during professional development. Remember to register in euphoria using the following link:


  • We will begin our day in the cafeteria at 7:30 . Morning treats of coffee, cocoa and doughnuts will be provided by Appreciation and Dunkin' Doughnuts.
  • Our learning will begin at 8:00am.
  • See agenda for detailed information:

Dyslexia Awareness Month! A message from Mr. Perez and Ms. Garcia

October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month! Unbelievably it was only two years ago that the U.S officially recognized this month. It speaks of the importance of getting the word out about dyslexia. Why is it important to us at LVES? Research shows that 20% or 1 in 5 students has a language based learning disability.

That means you probably have a student with dyslexia in your classroom. We¹ve created a Google site that provides more information about dyslexia, samples of what it may look like and what steps to take to begin the identification process for your student. As always if you have any questions or concerns please don¹t hesitate to contact us. We are here to


What is Happening at our school for the next week?

Click here to see the school google calendar.

Monday October 9th

· Holiday

· P.E.- 21-day Challenge BEGINS!

Tuesday October 10th

· Student Holiday/Staff

· Professional Development

· PTA Cookie Dough Fundraiser begins

Wednesday October 11th

· Inst. Tech – ACT

· PTA Cookie Dough Fundraiser begins kick up during announcements

· *Parent Conferences window BEGINS*

· Digital Citizenship Lessons (Bernal/ Satterla)

· Staff Learning @3:15 (Snack 4th grade)


  • Share about your morning check ins
  • Campus wide Hoof Print (counselors)
  • Behavioral strategies and analysis of ABC forms data by Dr. Cox Special ed. Director/ Ederis Martinez-Cunion Special ed. Counselor.

Thursday October 12th


· Sci & Math ACT

· **PTA Program & Trunk-or-Treat Membership Drive** 6-7:30pm

· LA 3-5 LF

Friday October 13th

· Wear BOOTS Day- “Give Drugs and Bullying the Boot”

· LA 3-5 LF

· Library Closed for Hearing and Vision Screening

Happy October Birthdays!

  • Melanie Goodman - Oct. 3rd
  • Ashley Sinnott - Oct. 5th
  • Taylore Rimling - Oct. 7th
  • Lynda Shield - Oct. 9th
  • Teresa O'Donnell - Oct. 10th
  • Samia Sarkis Rutherford - Oct. 23rd
  • Polly Miller - Oct. 24th
  • Meredith Mullikin - Oct. 29th

Staff Shout Outs

  • Ms. Anguita and Ms. Medlock for helping me with NNAT scores. Amazing help!!
  • Mrs. Rutherford - Thank you for listening and providing effective feedback. You are rocking your MENTOR title.
  • Ashley Sinnott - thanks for helping 4th to stay organized!
  • Mrs. Rutherford for helping me create a schedule for my guided reading. She is awesome!
  • Mrs. Burleson for helping with my LEAD goals. She is always there to help us.
  • Mrs. Jurca- Thank you for saving me and helping me with the 5th grade plans!
  • 4th Grade Team-thank you for helping me with the 4th grade plans and extra copies!
  • Mrs. Rimling for going above and beyond with her help and organization for the team. You rock!
  • Mrs. Miller - for always being there and being willing to pitch in and help where needed.
  • The Second Grade Team - for their support, "let's do it" attitude, and for being an amazing group to work with!
  • The front office staff for greeting our parents with a positive attitude.
  • Ms. Veronica Hernandez for helping me create the I belief video.

Click here to submit your shout Out.

Coming soon!

  • Teacher and paraprofessional of the month!
  • Dress for Success wall
  • More about our new staff!