Klem South Family Update

Special Edition- March 18 2020

Update March 18
Dear Families,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this uncertain time. We cannot stress wellness and health enough. Please prioritize the health and safety of your family by following the guidelines issued for our area.

During the extended closure, Webster CSD is working to provide cohesive learning resources and activities for our children. In order to stay informed, please be sure you are dialed into the following online tools:

1. Check the Webster CSD website frequently @ https://www.websterschools.org/

2. Sign up for Twitter and follow @KlemSouth. We will be posting articles, messages and videos throughout the closure.

Adjusting to this new normal will take some time. Here are some suggestions to help guide you as your look to create some systems at home.

Create a Daily Routine/Schedule

  • Establish a wake-up routine that may include eating breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed and making beds.
  • Get fresh air - EVERY DAY! Sunlight and exercise are so important for our children and for us. Neighborhood walks, bike rides, visits to local hiking trails, and spring garden cleaning are just a few ideas.
  • Find time each day to visit the KS Home Connections Page (which will be sent home to all families on Thursday) to find suggestions to keep your child's mind busy. Ideas are categorized by grade level, special area or intervention. Classroom teachers will also be connecting with you and they may have some new recommendations.
  • Read to your child and have him/her read to you! Get into a new series. Find time to discuss what you are reading together. Adults, model your own literacy practices by taking time to read yourself. Our children are always watching.
  • Play family games.
  • Spring is in the air! It's a great time for some spring cleaning. Start a chore chart and ask your child(ren) to play an active role.
  • What's for dinner? Cook together. Create new recipes. Talk about nutrition.
  • Keep a consistent bedtime routine. Remember, our children like routines. They actually crave them. Adults, you will likely benefit from some time for yourselves!

Stay Connected

  • Encourage your child(ren) to write a letter (note) to someone new each day. If it's a neighborhood friend, you could leave an envelope on his/her doorstep. If it's a faraway relative, get out a stamp. Want to save money? Snap a picture of the written letter and text or email it to the recipient.
  • People in nursing homes are not accepting visitors, but they are accepting cards. Spread kindness and encourage your children to the do the same. Drop off a bag of homemade cards or pictures to a nursing home near you and brighten the day of many!
  • All KS Staff would love hearing from your child(ren). Consider having them send us personal emails.

Enjoy Your Family

  • Make the most of this unfortunate time. Find the silver linings where ever you can.

Please remember we are all in this together. We miss you. Stay well.

The Klem South Team

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Klem South Contacts

Martha End, Principal: martha_end@webstercsd.org

Dr. Stephen MacAdam, Assistant Principal: stephen_macadam@webstercsd.org

Elizabeth McCusker, School Psychologist: elizabeth_mccusker@webstercsd.org

Patricia Denhoff, School Social Worker: patricia_denhoff@webstercsd.org