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March Edition

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C'mon...Add Your Tech Success Story to our #WTPSEdTech Padlet!

Add your Tech Success story or something cool that you've tried to our Padlet:


EdPuzzle is and has been one of my all-time favorite cool, free teacher tools! Really - you need this in your life! Here's the gist: take almost any online video, chop it if you want, and then...ADD QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, AND CHECKPOINTS throughout the video so that when your students watch it - they have a reason to focus and accountability! But wait - it gets better...from your teacher dashboard you can track everything (who responded, how long it took them, their answers) and it saves the data for you!!! EdPuzzle is a beautiful thing!

Want to try it but need a little help getting started with EdPuzzle? Book me and we'll do this together!

Storyboard That! (Comic Strip Creator)

Storyboard That is a very cool online comic strip maker with LOTS of options! Be sure to use the free version and just click CREATE A STORYBOARD to get started. There are lots of options for characters, poses, scenes, word bubbles, etc. The free version only gives you up to 6 cells, but that's more than enough to create some pretty outstanding comics. The multiple tabs across the top are where all the choices can be found, and it's pretty self-explanatory. This could really be used by any student, but I think grades 3-5 would benefit the most, and it's great for retelling stories, writing, and really using subject vocabulary in a cool contextual way! How else might you use it?

Who Wants To Try Skype?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Wouldn't it be cool to Skype with another class? Another country? An author? An expert in any subject you're studying? We can do this! One of the hardest things is just knowing where to start and how to find people with whom you can Skype. Well, here's a happy little gift for you: Where To Find The Perfect Virtual Guest for Your Class Once you get some ideas about WHAT you want to do that meets your class objectives, let me know and we'll work on the HOW you do it part! Once you start to Skype with your class, you won't want to stop. Oh, and don't even get me started on something called Mystery Skype.....

Twin Twitter Nights

Lots of people use Twitter for different reasons: Some use it to follow celebs, some use it with their classes, some use it as a promotional tool. I've always just chosen to use it as a PROFESSIONAL tool to build a PLN (Professional Learning Network). I'm not kidding when I say that that Twitter has profoundly changed my career and my entire professional outlook! This month, I'm hosting four evening workshops (on Twin Twitter Nights March 2 an 8) all about how to use Twitter. Come for the 4-6 or the 6-8 session...whatever works best for you! We'll even be having a #WTPStweets ongoing challenge after the event! Come join me, Mike D'Ostilio, and Charlie Zimmerman for a session. I promise you'll leave with a handle, a profile picture, use a hashtag, have some followers, and send your first tweets!

Create Your Own Emojis!

I just learned about this from my buddy Michael Fricano's blog at EdTechnolocation. (Here is the link to his post) He found a cool site called Labely that lets you make your own emojis...and it's so fun! Easy, too. Emojis are all the rage with the kids right now, and I bet they can come up with creative ways to use these for just about anything you're learning in class!

Random Name Picker (...and more at ClassTools.Net)

So many people asked about that Spinning Wheel Random Name Picker that I used to announce the winner of Digital Learning Day. It couldn't be simpler, and it's an absolute classroom favorite. Once you populate the names for your class, you can actually save it to your desktop and just open it every time you want to call on students randomly! Of course, this keeps the kids interested, attentive, and accountable as they wait to see if the spinner will land on their name!

So while we're there....that name picker is just one of many VERY, VERY COOL THINGS on a site called If you are looking for inspiration for a creative project that will spice things up in your classroom, add interest for the kids, get a little technology integration'll want to just browse through some of the great options that this site has to offer. Everything here is easy to see and easy to use. Try the text generator or the jigsaw diagram....try whatever speaks to you! (and then please be sure to let me know your favorites!)


LitCamp 2017

Saturday, March 11th, 12-2pm

635 Georges Road

South Brunswick Township, NJ

LitCamp - now this one sounds exciting! It's an entire edcamp that is Literacy-based! This opportunity comes to us from South Brunswick School District - where they are really doing some innovative things. It's wonderful to get out and mingle with educators from across the state to see what's happening and learn new ideas - and this would be an AWESOME place to do just that!

Here is the link to more information: LitCamp 2017

Edcamp Urban

Saturday, March 25th, 9am-3pm

201 57th Street

West New York, NJ

Edcamp Urban is in New Jersey - in a town called West New York! They had their first Edcamp last year and it was a huge success, so they're doing it again! This organizing team is full of go-getters and cutting-edge folks, so you'll definitely want to try to make this one. If anyone local wants to road trip to this (or any Edcamps), email me and I can coordinate that!

For more information about Edcamp Urban, check out their awesome website:

Edcamp Revolution

Saturday, April 1st, 8:30am-3:30pm

17 Parker Avenue

Maplewood, NJ

Edcamp Revolution - EdCamps are: Free, non-commercial and conducted with a vendor-free presence hosted by any organization interested in furthering the EdCamp mission made up of sessions that are determined on the day of the event events where anyone who attends can be a presenter reliant on the “law of two feet” that encourages participants to find a session that meets their needs.​

But EdCamp Revolution will be something new and exciting! Let’s all go to Maplewood and experience the revolution!

Their website:


Saturday, April 1st, 9am-12:45pm

Norman J. Field Way

Tinton Falls, NJ

SpEdcampNJ is a FREE event modeled after the Edcamp Un-Conference model. This means that any participant can facilitate a discussion!

The idea of SpEdcampNJ developed while founder Chris was attending another EdcampNJ event. Chris decided that special education teachers, parents, and administrators deserve to have an event that addressed the needs of the special education community.

Special Education around the country is being impacted by various challenges and changes. Professionals and parents around the country feel a need to be connected to other professionals and parents to share their knowledge and search for solutions in order to close the achievement gap and continue to do what's best for kids.

Let's come together to share ideas! Here's the link to their site:

Edcamp NEPA (Northeast PA)

Saturday, April 22nd, 8:30am-1:30pm

University Of Scranton Denaples Center, Scranton, PA, United States

Scranton, PA

Edcamp NEPA is an "unconference" devoted to K-12 education issues and ideas.

Like all Edcamp events, Edcamp NEPA is a safe, fun place for all educators to learn.

Time Event

8:30-9:30 Breakfast, Registration, Build Session Board

9:30-10:15 Session #1

10:30-11:15 Session #2

11:30-12:15 Session #3

12:30-1:30 Apps and Tools Smackdown, Door Prizes

1:30-? After party (Kildare's Irish Pub - See Map at Bottom of Page)

Here's the link to their site: Edcamp NEPA

Edcamp Garden State

Saturday, April 29th, 8-10am

424 West Collings Avenue

Collingswood, NJ

THIS IS IT! It's close, it's soon, and it is AWESOME! I went to their inaugural Edcamp last year and it was one of the best I've EVER attended. Our friends in nearby Collingswood know how to do a seriously amazing Edcamp.

No excuses - this one is practically down the street! Plus, I have a pretty good feeling that many of the friends we meet at Edcamp Garden State will be coming over here to visit us at our own Edcamp Happy Camper on May 13th!

Click here for more info & to get your free tickets:

Edcamp Happy Camper!!!!

Saturday, May 13th, 8am-2pm

Washington Township, NJ

It's official, and it's our first ever Edcamp held and hosted right here in Washington Township! The organizing committee is getting to work to plan an OUTSTANDING event with food, fun, learning, sharing, networking, and even prize giveaways! You really, REALLY won't want to miss this epic adventure!

Spread the word, tell all your friends, save the date and get your FREE tickets now!

We have a Facebook page: Edcamp Happy Camper

We have a Twitter account: @EdcampHappy

We have an Eventbrite page where you can reserve FREE tickets: