Animal Rescue Foundation SMORE

Britney Campbell

The Mission of ARF

The mission of the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) is to save the dogs and the cats who cannot stay in shelters any longer, and it brings animals and people together. The foundation aims to have a world where every dog and cat has a home. They want every lonely person to have a buddy, and children to learn responsibility. Through ARF, people participate in the unconditional love and approval of cats and dogs to accomplish the mission.

History of ARF

The foundation came about on May 7, 1990 during the baseball game between Oakland Athletics and the New York Yankees. In the middle of the game a cat ran across the field looking for food. It was panicking by the roar of the crowd it was running around while umpires where trying to catch it. When they caught it they tried looking for a home but there was not one no-kill shelter. This incident awakened Elaine and Tony (the founders of ARF). Less than a year later they started ARF to help dogs and cats find a home , they worked endlessly to save lives of the hundreds of cats and dogs.
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Facts and Statistics


  • ARF re-homed 30,000 cats and dogs from public animal shelters.
  • Performed 28,000 spay neuter surgeries to combat overpopulation.
  • They raised around $7,865,578 in 2014/2015


  • About 1,000 cats and dogs where fostered in 2014/2015
  • About 100 adoptions in military families
  • There was 94,797 adult volunteer hours