Nikki Minaj

By: Kylie Hillis

The lady rapper known around the world

Nikki Minaj is 32. Nikki was just on the VMA's she accepted the biggest award of the night for the best hip-hop video.
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" They don't see...

The tears I cried

The fears I hide

Tend to keep my cares inside

Its merely pride"

Early life

Nikki was born December 8th 1982. Her real name in Onika Tanya Minaj. She was born in st. James. Her dad tried burning down their house and killing the mom but failed. Nikki used to be a waitress for Red Lobster. She went to La Guardian High-School of Music and Art.

Musical acomplisments

Nikki's had 7 songs on Hot 100 in 2010. She made her first mix-tape when she was 12. She preformed on stage on the hit TV show American Idol. In 2009, Nikki was signed into cash money records.

Fun Facts

Lil Wayne launched Nikki's career. In 2012 Nikki became the newest judge on American Idol. She has a tattoo on her arm that translates "god is always with you." Nikki said that having a drug addicted and abusive father only pushed her harder.

Her right now

she lives in California and she's still writing albums.
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