Sports Medicine

Santos Esquivel

Job description/Duties -

1.Select and prepare medical equipment or medications.

2.provide coaches and therapists with assistance.

3.Help injure athletes.

Education Needed

I will need Master's degree in sports medicine,Physical therapy,Athletic training ,and Doctor of medicine.

Details about Sports medicine

Personal Opinions

Personal Assessment

The important things too keep in mind for this career are I will not be at home as much as i want because I will travel too places I have never been before,I will be able too have a good wage when I start,I will be able to meet and help sports stars.I think this occupation would fit me because it fits my interest in sports and helping athletes

Final thoughts

My pros will be,I like that i would travel a lot,Meet sports stars and help them,make a lot of money,and i know I will be working at a job i know i will enjoy.

My cons will be I will be away from home a lot,and work hazards.