Jasper Waterman

Introduction to France

¨France cannot be France without greatness.¨ - Charles de Gualie

- France's nickname: ¨The Hexagon¨ (six-sided country)

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Northern France

- Paris is the economic, political, and cultural capital of France

- Lille is another important city that has textile factories, chemical plants, and steel mills.

Southwest France

- This region has grapes that are used to make wines

- Bordeaux has a reputation for producing the best wines

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Southern France

- The two mountain ranges are the Alps and the Massif Central, there for trade

- They hindered movement between France and Italy until they decided to build a carriage road under Mont Blanc

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The Medditeranean

- The Riviera attracts millions of tourists each year. The warm climate is good for sunbathing on the beach.

- The three cities in this area are Cannes, Nice, and Saint-Tropez

- The port in Marseilles is the busiest port in France

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East France

- The Rhine River is Europe's busiest waterways, forms part of France and Germany's border

- Rich natural resources like iron ore and coal

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France's History

- France was once known as Gaul because they were the native people

- Charlemagne was a famous conqueror

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Language and Culture


- It was the language of Paris

- Variations of a language that are unique to a region

- The words in a dictionary can not be used unless approved by the French Academy


- Impressionism: Style of painting

- Pierre Auguste Renoir
- Paris

- Louvre

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France Today

- Established national planning programs and reached out to it's Western European neighbors

- Opposition to military access with Iraq