November News

Team Endless Possibilities

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Congrats to all on your PV in November!!

Top 3 from each level:


Kimberly Larsen 2555.

Ashley Marquez 1670.95

Jessica Belanger 1200.15

(these 3 ladies have all been with Origami Owl for 2 years this coming January!! They have all shown that ups and downs, full time jobs and full time mommies can be presistent, consistent and successful!!!! I am so sooooo proud of you!!!)

2nd line:

Betty Carlos 1804.90

Rhina Pelayo: 1175.20

Aspen Arrriaga: 848.25

3rd line:

Anna Perez 1011.60

Stella Spadafora 863.60

Tammy/Alicia Mc Entire: 728.20

4th line:

Liza Polanco 899.40

Marlene McCloskey 448.58

Elba Irlanda 432.60

5th line:

Mildred Colon 469.80

Gladys Figueroa 194.00


Liza Polanco

Kim Preuss

Rhina Pelayo

Business Building Tips

*Wear your locket everyday

*Always have catalogs (TOMS) and cards with you

*Set a goal to contact 5 people a week regarding your business (teachers, bank tellers, fast food employees....anyone you come in contact with is a potential client)

ASK!!!!! If you don't ask, the answer is always NO!!!

January is notoriously a slower month in direct sales. Don't get caught with nothing on your calendars. Many people have gift cards and Christmas money to spend!!! Look for events locally, what you do now you will see the benefits from in 2-3 months.

Have you been in touch with your Mentor lately??? Why?? Drop them a text, email or call with what your goals for 2015 are. Putting it in writing is the first step to making it happen!