The Maze Runner

By: Delaney Church


Main Character: Thomas (Protagonist)

Other Characters: Minho, Gally, Ben, Teresa, and Chuck


Thomas arrives at a strange place and is trying to escape, but in order to he has to go through a maze.

Some of the Characters



There is a boy who wakes up in an elevator with no memory except for his name, Thomas. He comes to find that it is a place filled with boys who too don't know anything. He finds put that they are surrounded by a maze, and that inside the maze are monsters call "Grievers". Every night the walls shut, then open up again in the morning, the grievers only come out at night, the walls in the maze switch as well. He strongly wants to be apart of the group of people who go into the maze and try to solve it ("Runners"). Thomas realizes that the walls spell out a code. Eventually some of his friends who are runners, are nearly about to get out, when the walls start to close. Thomas quickly dives in and tries to save them, but it it is too late. They are stuck in for the night and the grievers are slowly coming out to get them. While he is in their he sees the word WICKED on a few of the bugs back's. They end up being able to defeat them and get out in the morning. They soon start searching around for other ways to get out. Thomas gets stung by a griever and discovers the griever hole is and exit. Not only that, but the code in the maze is there ticket to get through. They go through, and they succeed, only to find out that what they've been doing is an experiment being conducted by the Creators, a group called WICKED, who may or may not be evil. The boys and Teresa then get "rescued" by some kind of rebel group and brought to a safe haven while being told about "the Flare"—an apocalyptic occurrence that killed off half of the world's population. The epilogue reveals that the "rebel group" may just be another variable in the experiment, and they weren't the only group being evaluated
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