Egg-citing Announcements

from Origami Owl and your upline Jessica + Jerry Butanda!

Easter Jewelry releases Tuesday, February 2nd!

Time to reach out to past customers, hostesses, and friends to show them our latest jewelry release! Check out that gorgeous multi-colored medium face! And those Easter charms! And that dainty cross dangle! SOOOO cute!!
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Changes coming to the Origami Owl Career/Commission Plan!

What is it that I want out of your Origami Owl business? Moving forward, Origami Owl is looking at categories of designers and its being reflected in the career plan:

Owlchievers: Designers that are looking to really rock their business and build a team (in some cases). These designers are earning trips, earning incentives, making some good money and really firing on all cylinders with their business. These are designers that are earning 5 Owlchiever Points or more a month (or close to it).... My O2 Rewards Points are a term we are no longer using... they will be called Owlchiever Points now.

Storybuilder: These designers are present in their business and are actively looking for sales, parties and the occasional team members. These designers are probably holding at least one party a month or are doing an occasional event. The Story builder club will now be any designer that has over 250PV each month.

Active: These designers have somewhere between 99PV and 249PV a month and may or may not be pushing for sales often. May or may not be doing parties consistently. With the changes to the career plan, an active designer will have a reduced rate of commission that is lower than the 30-50% rates that we have always held as a designer.

Inactive: These designers have less than 99PV a month and may not be actively working their O2 business. These designers will not earn as much commission as active designers and are not able to sponsor designers to their team when in this status. This is becoming more of a "preferred customer" status - but your website will still work, and you have the opportunity to move back up to the higher level of discount/commission by becoming "active" each month.

The good news is that designers can go between any or all of these phases month to month... Hitting it one month does not mean you are there forever... all of these phases are a month to month thing in a general sense.

Start thinking about where you fall with your business and where you want to go.

We are excited about the changes that are coming with Origami Owl and I believe they are making things easier to grow and succeed with your business. We ask that you keep an open mind over the next month, learn how the programs work and use the time to commit to your business in a postiive way.

You never know where you can really go unless you make your move!

The Origami Owl Story - Bella's Journey
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Jessica + Jerry Butanda - Awesome Origami Owl Mentors

We've been with Origami Owl for three years. We still do parties, weekly vendor events, and are always adding amazing designers to our team. We run a successful business Facebook page and have a separate Facebook training page for our teammates. We do local meetings and lots of computer-based training calls and videos. We are ALWAYS a text/message/email/phone call away! We're happy to answer questions and share ideas, and help in any way we can!!