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February 2021: Celebrating the Emmett School District

Join us, in spirit, as we celebrate 100 days of face-to-face student learning in Emmett

Sum up the state of the district in just one word: Strong

We continue to provide our students, not only with standards-based rigorous instruction, but also social opportunities that were stripped away from students last spring. There are a number of Treasure Valley students still unable to enjoy five consecutive days in the classroom.

So, in spirit, join us as our schools celebrate 100 days!

On Friday, February 19th, Emmett K-5 students will celebrate 100 days of face-to-face instruction during the COVID pandemic. Grades 6-12 will hit 100 days on Thursday, February 25th, because the district started the school year in a hybrid model.

We’re doing it on a shoestring budget, when you compare Emmett to other 4A and neighboring school districts.

The upcoming Levy Election would help strengthen our foundation, yet keep Emmett grounded. We'll have more about the levy in the newspaper, on Facebook and in community meetings.

And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 208-365-6301 or

- Craig Woods, superintendent

Levy Election Informational Meetings

Feb 11 — Shadow Butte Elementary School @ 6:00 p.m.

Feb 16 — Carberry Elementary School @ 7:00 p.m.

Feb 18 — Sweet Montour Elementary School @ 6:00 p.m.

Feb 23 — Emmett High School @ 6:00 p.m.

Feb. 25 — Ola Community Center @ 6 p.m.

March 1 — Butte View Complex @ 6:00 p.m.

March 4 — Emmett Middle School @ 6:00 p.m.

Visit the web for more information about the levies.

Strategic Planning gets underway; 14-member committee appointed to align the district's long-term vision, mission

The Emmett School District starts, next week, a five-phase approach to align the district’s vision and mission, according to Superintendent Craig Woods. “It will be data driven, collaborative and will maximize stakeholder input with the creation of a 14-member committee.

Dr. Robert Sanchez with Idaho Business for Education will lead the sessions.

Like most strategic planning sessions, the committee will delve into three critical areas:

  • Where are we now?

  • Where are we going?

  • How do we get there?

The committee will meet monthly and the full Board of Trustees will be updated monthly. The thoughtfully selected committee represents a person from each of the following areas:

  1. Trustee: Mike Kimball

  2. Superintendent: Craig Woods

  3. Idaho Business for Education: Dr. Robert Sanchez

  4. Parent: Rachel Fear

  5. Teacher: Bryan Weeks

  6. Elementary Principal: Greg Alexander

  7. Secondary Principal: Wade Carter

  8. Secondary Principal: Katie Watkins

  9. Federal Programs/Migrant Family Liaison: Elsa Johnson

  10. Director of Special Services: Nicole Thomas

  11. Assistant Superintendent: Dr. Isa DeArmas

  12. Instructional Coach: Denise Sherman

  13. Student Leadership Council Representative: Noe Anderson

  14. Classified Representative: Pam Taylor

Woods said he is excited about this process.

“I’ve been involved in other districts, and it’s an important facet to making a school district stronger by remaining focused on the target, as defined by this strategic process.”

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Security system installed at Emmett High School; plans in place for the Middle School and Sweet-Montour buildings

A new door security system is in place at Emmett High. Students and staff members have been issued individualized cards that they will use to gain access to the High School. Members of the public, or those who don’t have a card, will need to buzz in at the front door using a video doorbell.

“Student and staff safety remains a priority in the Emmett School District,” Superintendent Craig Woods said. “Although new to Emmett High School, all new school buildings have similar systems and schools across the nation have been installing similar card access systems to improve safety and security in the aftermath of the deadly school shootings.”

The 2019 Supplemental Levy included $90,000 designated for making Emmett High School more secure and therefore safer for students and staff. With better management of those funds, Woods said, the district is ready to install the same system at the Sweet-Montour Elementary School, starting next week, and the Middle School this summer.

“Eventually, all schools in the district will have the same system,” Woods said. “The 2019 Supplemental Levy provided the funds to do that because state funding does not provide additional dollars to upgrade security or make maintenance improvements. We appreciated the support from the community to complete important improvements like this.”

“We are very excited to see this project completed,” Emmett High School Principal Wade Carter said.

“It’s going to take a little time to get used to but these systems are in many high schools, including the Treasure Valley.”

It is not about locking the public out, Carter emphasized. Anyone coming into the school before the new system was installed was still asked to check in at the office. But now it provides a better screening process.

“The High School has been a serious concern, because the current design is not set up so the front office staff can observe the door at all times” Carter said. “Now, if someone comes to the door, our staff will be able to communicate via an intercom and be able to see the visitor before buzzing him/her through.”

Replacement cards will be $15 and students will be able to “buzz in” at the front door.

Other security features include:

  • The new system also allows school personnel to automatically lockdown exterior doors in the event of an emergency or threat.

  • Student cards limit the days and time frame they have access to the school.

  • It’s easy to cancel an access card in the event that a staff member or student suddenly quits.

  • If necessary, school officials could track down a time someone entered the building and through which door. It does not track when someone leaves, but it provides a time when the door was open.


High School Drama presents: Disney's Frozen JR in live and streamed events

Both the young and old will enjoy this touching performance. See it live, or watch the streamed version.

Emmett High School's Drama Department will present Disney's "Frozen JR" production two ways this month to accommodate social distancing guidelines, yet provide that "live" experience as well.

Live performances will be held February 18-20 at Emmett's Middle School with limited seating, social distancing and masks required until seated. Tickets, $6 per person, must be purchased at the EHS School Office. Performances begin at 7 pm.

A live streaming broadcast will begin Saturday, February 20, for $10. Buy live-streaming tickets.

Marjorie Smith is the director, with Katherine Seubert as music director and Ayla Bevan and Kaloni Jensen choreographers. Smith said the production is based on the book by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Music and lyrics by Jennifer Lee.

"Frozen JR" is presented through special arrangements, and all authorized materials supplied by Music Theatre International, New York.

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