Computer components

The components inside a computer

What does a computer need to do.

A computer needs to receive data,store data,process data and do something with it like a computer game,and finally it can output the data,and so that's what every computers do,receive,store,make and output it, like if you put food in a microwave,it will receive,(food) store,(the microwave) process(heat up) and output(finish).

Some conponents in a computer

Motherboard:The motherboard is the main board in the computer, it holds the CPU and all the wires going to drives and lots of other little gadgets.

CPU:The CPU is the processor. It.It is also called the brain of the computer, as its job is to carry out commands, and every button you press, every click of the mouse, is you sending instructions to the CPU.

RAM:The RAM is your computers memory, the more RAMs (random access memory) you have, the more you can do/store.

Hard drive:The hard drive is your computers main memory, every file or document you have is saved on the drive.

Monitor:The monitor where you actually see the words and data.

Case:This is the shell that protects your motherboard and every thing else inside from collecting dust and getting broken by raging from a game.

Fan:The fan is very important to a computer, it keeps it from over heating and getting dust in it

Fun fact!

Did you know that the first computer was made in 1822 by Charles Babbage!
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