East Noble football team boycott

By the players of the team


Through out the 2012 season the issue of some players being afraid to hit became aware to other players. During the weeks of practice is was rare for the players to actually tackle each other. This affected the way players tackled and some would miss tackles or tackle poorly on quite a few occasions in games. They people were afraid of taking a hit or giving one, and on defense we cant have that. We need people who are ready to lay the wood, to bring the boom, to rock them so hard, they are afraid of getting the ball or getting back up. The people will not be named for this is a team and it is a group, not just single persons. We believe that until we are allowed to tackle during practice atleast twice a week, there shall not be a single person to try out for the football team. If our demands are not met, there will be no football team at East Noble this year.


If the Following terms arent met, there will be no football team. Number one, let the team wear pads twice a week. Number two, if there are conflicts during knightmare vs. roughnecks let the players settle it, not the coaches. Number three let the roughtnecks cause their destructiuon like they are supposed to.
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