Mrs. Bailey's Newsletter

Week of October 12th- 16th

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This Week At A Glance

Last week we took our first extensive test over Unit 1. Overall students did really well!

At the end of the week, we connected to our prior knowledge on the next unit about matter. After looking at an overview of objectives, students shared what they THINK they know about atoms, molecules, compounds, and more. Then I asked them to consider what PUZZLES them about the topic, so that we can help clarify those as we go. Finally they thought about what they would like to EXPLORE on this topic for a personal learning extension. We will continue to refer back to the THINK, PUZZLE, EXPLORE throughout as we change misconceptions, and have new curiosities. At the end of our learning, I hope to have a 1-2 day learning extension where students seek out answers to what they what to know and then share them with the class.

This week students will work on understanding the terms: substance, element, molecule, compound, and mixture. By the end of the week they should be able to identify and explain why something is an element, compound, or mixture. They should also be able to read a chemical formula and explain what and how many parts of each element comprise the chemical/compound. Students will build models of the formulas to represent them.

Classroom Donations

If you are feeling extra generous, we certainly could use a few items...

  • Colored regular sized marshmallows for the activity on Friday.
  • Bags of Halloween candy for rewards (no gum for rewards please)
  • brightly colored paper for class handouts/activities
  • Carefresh bedding (for Zeus)
  • Canned mealworms & Dried mealworms (for both Zeus and Tuck)
  • Various Bearded Dragon food mixes (petstore)


I encourage everyone to participate in science fair! Information packets can be picked up in Mrs. Payne's room A-211.