by Alex D'Alfonso

What are volcanoes ?

Volcanoes are mountains that have an opening. That has [magma ] that goes to the top and erupts.

How are volcanoes formed ?

Volcanoes are formed by the magma rising to the top of the earth surface making a volcanoes.

pros and cons

  • Some volcanoes can kill a little amount of people
  • Some volcanoes can reach a distinct
  • Some volcanoes lava flows down slowly
  • Some volcanoes do little amount of damage

  • Volcanoes can kill 30,000 people

  • Volcanoes can do a lot of damage to cities
  • Volcanoes can cause floods
  • Volcanoes ash chokes the air

What volcanoes do ?

What volcanoes do are the magma gets pressured and comes out and kills people and animals.


reducing the impact

How you can reduce the impact. Is have a kit that has a o2 mask and food and water.
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