Only The Best Books

A Smore by Emily Streckenbach

The Books

This flyer's purpose is to share with the world the top books on my must read list. I'd recommend each of these books to anyone and everyone in need of a heartwarming tale!

  1. Warriors
  2. Seekers
  3. Survivors
  4. Harry Potter
  5. Percy Jackson
  6. Charlie Bone
  7. Wolves of The Beyond
  8. The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness
  9. Luv Ya Bunches
  10. Merlin's Dragon
  11. The Mismantle Chronicles


Som things about this book:

  • It's a series
  • It's written by Erin Hunter
  • Erin Hunter is not the real name of the author
  • It is about cats
Now to summarize these books: The Warriors series is an amazing thing. It has several different parts where with each new section, came a load of new characters. This series is about groups of cats called clans. There is drama, mystery, syfy, comedy, action, and advencure in this series, a book for I'd say eightish to fifteenish.

#2 Seekers

Some facts about Seekers:

  • It is a series
  • It is written by Erin Hunter
  • It is about bears
To summarize this series: Seekers is a heartwarming book series about four unlikely bears who meet and go on various adventures across the world. This tale has action, adventure, syfy, and a pinch of comedy mixed in.

#3 Survivors

I bet you can guess who wrote this one. Here are some facts about Survivors:

  • It is a series
  • It is written by Erin Hunter
  • It is about dogs
  • It is the newest series by Erin Hunter
Here is a summary for this series of books: Survivors is a pretty new series. I've only read one of the books-the first one. It is about basically global warming kicking in and the end of human civilization. The thing is the humans are gone, but the dogs are still there! This tale is about an adventurous pup called Lucky. He will face action, adventure, and a little romance!

#4 Harry Potter

Now it would be CRAZY if anyone doesn't know what Harry Potter is! But here are some facts anyway:

  • It is a series
  • It is by the British author J.K. Rowling
  • It is about wizards (and witches!)
It is going to be REALLY difficult to summarize this series, but I'll try: Harry Potter is a fun, action-packed series about a young boy named Harry Potter. This book is about a school for witches and wizards. At this school, Harry and newfound fiends will battle an assortment of creatures, and save the world multiple times from the evil wizard, Lord Voldemort. I'd recommend it for ALL ages! Well maybe not little 2 year olds...

#5 Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Some facts about Percy Jackson are:

  • It is a series
  • It is written by Rick Riordian
  • The first and second books are now movies
  • It is about Greek gods and goddesses
This is a five-book series, here is my summary: The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is about the young boy, Percy Jackson. When things seem wrong in his life, Percy usually just ignores it when odd things happen. But when his teacher does something VERY unexpected, Percy steps into a whole different world. These books are fun, humorous, and full of exciting battles!

#6 Charlie Bone

Some facts about the CHarlie BOne books are:

  • It is a series
  • It is written by Jenny Nimmo
  • It is about children with special abilities
Here is a summary about the Charlie Bone series: Charlie Bone is a young boy who lives with his mother, Amy, his kind Grandma, Maisie, as well as his cruel Grandma, Grandma Bone. When Charlie receives an invitation to go to the fancy Bloor's Academy, his Grandmother insists that he attends. The Charlie Bone series is a fun, action-packed series with lots of friendships.

I will get more done when I have time don't worry!