Sun Valley Technology Newsletter

November/December 2015

Upcoming Tech Session - "Designing to the Edges"

BEFORE our session, don't forget to:

  • have a lesson in mind
  • bring earbuds/headphones
  • be on time, please!

November 10 & 19 - High School Session

November 30 - Middle School Session

Canvas Tip of the Month - Embedding a Google Document

Many of you are sharing Google Docs with a link. That's fine, but if you want to have the doc actually show on the page, follow these steps.

1. Create your Doc

2. Change the share settings to "Anyone (or UCPS people) with the link"

3. Go to File < Publish to the Web

4. Click on the "EMBED" tab and choose "PUBLISH"

5. Copy the link provided and return to your Canvas Course

6. Create a new page and go to editing mode

7. Click on the red "HTML EDITOR" link in the top right corner

8. Paste your saved link in the box and "SAVE"

If you don't like the size, you can go back into the embedded link and change the width to 100%.

Google "Stuff"

Even though your laptop was reimaged, you should still be able to see the bookmarks you had previously saved in your Chrome browser. If you're not, do the following:

1) After you've logged in, (make sure you are logged in with your UCPS account) go to the 3 bars in the top right next to your bookmark bar

2) Choose Settings
3) Click on "SignIn to Chrome"
4) Choose "Link Data"
That should do it!!

CRASH Course

This collection of clever, fast-paced videos on a variety of subjects are great for students of all levels. They play through a non-YouTube player so students can access them on their Chromebooks. Check out this great source for videos!

The videos are housed in PBS Learning Media which also includes lesson ideas and other interactive content.


Your students' chromebooks are in the process of being updated. Please tell your students to COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN AND RESTART their devices so the updates will work.

Digital Assessment Tools

There are a multitude of free, online assessment tools that help you assess students in quick and meaningful ways. Below are three that are worth taking a look at if you haven't already!
As with any digital tool, remember that Terms of Service for these finds can change from time to time. Always check TOS before using one in order to keep your students safe on the web. Also remember that there's always the chance that one-time free tools can become "pay" tools at any moment, so use your professional discretion when using them.
New UCPS Website Tutorial

Are you struggling with navigation of the new website? Maybe this will help!