Chemical Reactions Project

By: Clara Rivera

Hydrochloric Acid (Part II) - Periodic Table of Videos

Hydrochloric Acid

In this video, there are 3 different chemical reactions, but I will only use the last one including the main scientist.

In this reaction, there are two test tubes being used both evenly filled with Cobalt Chloride which is the color red. The scientist then fills one test tube with water and it dilutes to a lighter red. Then he fills the next test tube with concentrated hydrochloric acid which then turns that red color to a dark blue color.

The Chemical Equation would be: Co+H2O+Cl4---->Co+Chl4

Sulfur - Periodic Table of Videos


In this video, laughing gas is being used to make sulfur. This chemical reaction is known as the Barking Dog Experiment. This experiment creates a loud kind of barking sound which is why the experiment is called the Barking Dog.

Chemical Equation would be: 8 N2O + 4 CS2 --> S8 + 4 CO2 + 8 N2
Reaction of iron with sulfur

Reaction to Iron and Sulfur

In this video, you will see Iron and Sulfur being mixed together and then burst to flames.

The Chemical Equation would be: 8Fe + S8 → 8FeS