Dewberry Farms

By: Kennidy Perez and Riley King

Helping Hands

Dewberry Farms is a very attracting location for family orientation and a great place to make memories. We are always looking to hire new people for a part time job. We help our employees have a good time and teach them how to help people when they run into problems at Dewberry. We look for employees who are familiar with the farming environment and who enjoy hard work and have a positive attitude! Employees must be at least 16 years old to work and have fun at Dewberry. We enjoy seeing smiling kids involved in activities at the farm. Many of our activities are mainly for younger age groups but we guarantee adults and teenagers will have a great time too! We love our employees and always want new people to come and help on the farm. When hiring employees we look for people who are willing to work and learn how things work around Dewberry so they can help customers. Our farm is open to the public but closed during the summer and winter because our workers are very sensitive people. We need you to come out here for a part time job and tell your friends and family.

Healthcare and Safety

Our animals are on a regulated diet for their health. Food is provided near where they are located in the barnyard. Please treat our animals with respect and do not feed them the wrong food. We have rules provided for you and your children for safety reasons. Our farm grounds are smoking-free and we don't allow alcoholic beverages. Our animals are here for you to observe and feed. Please wash your hands after visiting the barnyard. Children under three may not be able to participate in all activities but there are many they can participate in too!! Be aware of your surroundings, many fun activities are going on all around you! Treat our animals how you would want to be treated. We guarantee if you treat them well, they will have good behavior back. One of our main rules is to HAVE FUN!!
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Activities and Making Memories

We have plenty of activities open to the community. Many of our events take place every year for your enjoyment. Some of our most popular and unique activities are our 8-acre Corn Maze, 8-acre Pumpkin Patch, Sand Mountain, Pig Races, Cow Train Ride, Hay Mountain and many other attractions! We provide many seasonal events including the Pumpkin Hollar which is where you walk on a path during the night and see bright carved pumpkins with characters on them. This event in October is meant for you and your family to be able to see the field of lit up pumpkins on our farm and have an amazing time. Another one of our seasonal events is Cut your own Christmas Tree! We open up for you and your family to come observe our trees and pick the one that would look best in your house! There is no charge during this event and it starts the day after Thanksgiving.

We Love Our Customers

Our farms are open for you to come out with your family and participate in lots of activities. Many events happen throughout the year at Dewberry especially around Halloween and Thanksgiving. We want you to bring your children here so they can learn what it is like to live on a farm. Our activities are very unique and we hope you try to participate in all of them! We love to see when kids are participating in our fun activities and having a great time with their family. We look forward to seeing you there!! If you are ever at Dewberry and have some trouble with anything, make sure you find a worker walking around the farm with a neon shirt. There should be plenty of workers walking around with bright neon shirts wanting to help.

Field Trips

We are open for field trips in the spring, winter, and fall. In the different seasons we offer different activities. In the spring, the kids plant a sunflower seed, see baby barnyard animals, hear singing chickens and learn about bees! In the fall, the kids can pick a pumpkin, explore the corn maze and meet "Spookly" to learn about bullying prevention. In the winter the kids take a hayride through our Christmas tree forest to learn how trees are planted, cut and harvested. Our field trips are educational but full with entertainment.

Exploring Deeper into Dewberry

Our corn maze is 8-acres! We plant the corn and carve a new design every year so there is a different maze for you to come visit. The corn maze is one of our main attractions and is here for you to make your way through. We grow our corn for the corn maze then cut out the design. It is a very long process and requires a lot of work!

Photography to dew

We love to see your photos at Dewberry Farms posted on social media to invite other viewers. The farmers get so busy entertaining our visitors - we have no time to wander around with a camera! We enjoy seeing pictures of customers involved in the activities on the farm. Sometimes we will hold a weekly photo contest where you take pictures of your children at the farm and you enter your picture in the contest, we pick the winner and there is a different prize every week! Contact us to enter your pictures, some prizes may include admission tickets and/or season passes!! There are different themes that you can enter your pictures in. Some include, farm fun, kids and pumpkins, farm animal antics, and amaizing maze. We are looking forward to seeing what pictures you enter in the contest!
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