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Monday, December 9th, 2019

Holiday Party

Please use the link below if you're interested in contributing to the Holiday Party scheduled for Friday, December 20th.


Mrs. Close’s Class ~ It’s been a busy week! This past week we began Unit 4. The kids were busy extending basic multiplication facts by adding zeros to one or both factors. In addition, they worked hard at making reasonable estimates using multiplication before finding the exact answers. The kids have been through that process earlier in the year with addition and subtraction so they were comfortable with the steps. One change was we brought calculators in to find the exact answers. Those calculators were a special treat! To top it off, the kids completed the December CML competition. Please look for those to come home in next week’s Friday Folder. During the upcoming week, we’ll focus on multiplying using the area model, converting liters to milliliters, learning about the partial-products strategy, converting kilograms to grams, and the December MO. Finally, the next multiplication fact quiz will be tomorrow!

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ We began division this week, and the beginning is difficult for everyone. After a few more lessons, the class will be dividing pros! They start with two digit dividends and move onto three and four digit dividends. They will be using the traditional long division algorithm, so if your child needs help at home, please don't feel like you're going to teach them the wrong way. Division will be more difficult for the children who don't know their multiplication facts. The class took a fact quiz earlier this week, and it was sent home in today's Friday Folder. If your child got 55 or more correct out of the 60 questions, they are doing great! Anything less than that, they need some more practice. Please be sure to study facts with your child.


Picture Book Monday ~ Ammon read The Ant Bully to us today. Be sure to ask your 4th grader about the author's message. I'm looking for a gal to read to us on Friday!

PAWS ~ The kids are started their 3rd task today! Look for the second one to come home in this week's Friday Folder.

Explorers ~ We are making our way through history and now will be learning about the men and crews who were in search of the Northwest Passage! The kids will be working in partners to research and then create a presentation in google slides.

Small Groups ~ We are still meeting and reading our chapter books. It is our goal to finish them before Christmas break! We'll see.......The City of Ember is pretty long!

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Dates to Remember

Friday, December 13th - Early Dismissal for Parent Conferences

Tuesday, December 17th - Ornament Workshop

Friday, December 20th - Holiday Party