A Big Little Life

Book By: Dean Koontz Project By: Gabbie Lavine


The book A Big Little Life describes the life of Dean Koontz and his wife Gerda. However, once the book gets going another character is introduced, Trixie. This is a beloved dog whose life story is told by his owner, Dean Koontz. The author goes on throughout the book explaining to the reader how Trixie has changed his life forever. He goes on speaking about memories that he has of Trixie, who is often explained as an intelligent and selfless dog. He often describes how Trixie has human-like characteristic, causing him to question many of the scientific research that explains how dogs don't have real feelings and a sense on life, such as humans do.

Ideal Audience

The ideal audience for this book would be somebody who has a heart for animals. If you are a person who believes that dogs can't be a person's best friend, this wouldn't be a great read for you.

Genre Vocabulary-Animal lover memior

Common Man

I believe that the author is a "common man" because this is a man who his dog is his best friend and he still goes through struggles that everybody goes through. Just as people say, "Dogs are a man's best friend." This is beneficial because it's causing him to love something other than humans that we know have the ability to love back. It's also causing him think about different animals in a deeper and more intricate way.
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