Dont Be Afraid of Mex' Lets Annex

By: Jayden Smith

Why did Texas want to annex with the United States?

There are many reasons why Texas annexed with the U.S. and all the reasons had a good reason supporting them. And some of these reasons were Texas would get a monetary system, a mail system, protection from the U.S. army, and would get that big debt of their shoulders(about 15 million in debt at the time). But these were'nt all these reasons why we annexed but these are some of the key reasons.

Why did some oppose the annexation of Texas? (In America and Texas)

In Texas, many did oppose this annexation; the main reason being, they felt that they didn't need to be apart of the U.S. because they thought Texas could make it as a republic. In the U.S. they opposed it aswell because of many reasons, first off, they didn't want to pay off our debt, they did not want to add another slave state because then there would be more confederate states than there were union states, and they were also scared of a war with Mexico or stopped trading with Mexico( Even thouogh we would fight them for land during Manifest Destiny.

Did Texas annex the first attempt?

At first Texas accepted to become a territory which eventually would become a state, but to pass it must recieve a certain amount of votes, and they did not pass to become a state/territory by 1 vote!

Election of James K. Polk

In 1844 James K. Polk ran for president of the republic, and promised that if he was elected he would promise to annex with the U.S. And shortly after being elected he began to follow what Sam Houston basically would of done.

Finnaly!... Annexation!

The next attempt of annexation finnaly started to show signs of hope so that Texas could become a state. After deciding on a Joint resolution only a simple amount of votes were needed to annex Texas, and after the voting was over; Texas overwhelmingly passed to become the 28th statte of the United States on February 26, 1845.