From Sap to Syrup

By: Aubri Lamb 3ac


Have you ever wondered how maple syrup is made? Syrup goes to maple syrup in the following ways


The first step in making maple syrup is a group of sugar maple tree, which is called a maple forest. The trees grow for many years.


The second step in the process of making syrup is the sap.The sap is moved from tanks to a nearby building. The building is called a sugar shack or a sugar house. Next, the syrup goes through a filter. The last step is that syrup is poured into metal cans


The third step is the store they put the syrup into a grass or plastic bottle then they put it on the shelves for us to buy people use it to put on pancakes and walffes and more

Interesting Facts

Here are some fun facts about syrup is made only in the united states and canada .Most pancake syrup has little or no maple syrup in it. Then a heathy sugar maple tree can grow for many years.


This was the procress of making syrup to sap.Now that I know how to make my own
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