Animal Farm (Chapter 3)

Made by Zachary Walter Radovanic The 1st

Chapter 3's Summary

The Animals of the farm work hard as usual. The animals worked harder than Farmer Jones, who was exiled a while ago. Their first harvest went perfectly according to plan. A flag for Animal Farm was created by the pigs. The pigs need milk and apples for their sake of health, or else Farmer Jones shall return.

One of Animal Farm's Signposts

The Aha Moment

One aha moment in this chapter was when we found out as we read the chapter, the pigs needed to have milk and apples for their sake of health. If they don't have this stuff, Farmer Jones will eventually return and punish the animals for all this trouble they caused. They didn't want that at all.

My Feelings About Chapter 3

This chapter really made a further explanation of the animals. I finally knew why the milk was gone from earlier. The milk was used by the pigs, including the apples. They didn't like them honestly, but they have to eat/drink it. If they don't do this, they will become sick as a dog, and Farmer Jones will return. I hope Farmer Jones won't ever return to the farm. I want the pigs to be healthy, not out of order.
Animal Farm Audiobook Chapter 3