Ms. Ingle's Messages

Week of January 10

Calling all T-shirts!!

I am going to make a t-shirt quilt for the 'Light the Night' fundraiser this spring. I currently have been able to gather the shirts in the photo to the right...thanks to our fabulous PTO!

I'd like to include shirts from this year's 5th grade students as well. The more color and variety in the logo, the better the quilt will look. I am interested in old Claxton shirts as well as shirts from special events. Do you have special event shirts like LEAF, FUN RUN or past school plays? If so, please consider donating to this really cool project!

Science Focus

We are still working on our study of the human body. We will go system by system through the human body learning about the independent as well as interdependent functions of each.

As a part of this study, students are creating life-size replicas of their own body and adding models of the systems as we go along. We will be using a variety of materials to replicate each system. I would love to have bubble wrap to use for the respiratory system. If you have any to spare, please consider donating it to school.