Asian Elephants are Suffering

It's amazing how such big animals have such small numbers

There is a hidden word .Try to find it. Hint: starts with D.


The Asian Elephants used to live in Southern Asia and Indonesia, some do still, but not a lot. In Asia and Indonesia they would roam the thick forests and the warm grasslands. In the winter they would migrate in search of food. Once, when they returned home, they discovered that hunters had destroyed their habitat. They are still searching for a new home.
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This is the range of where they used to live.


The Asian Elephant is...
8 to 10 feet, 18 to 21 in length,weighs 4 tons and has dark brown skin and pure white tusks.


The Asian Elephants migrate in search of food.Now, since we are making these elephants stay where they migrate just for winter, they stop eating, and stop having babies.

Thank you WWF

WWf has been preventing habitat loss ,and has been decreasing local anger against Asian Elephants, but I don't think that is all there is to do. There is nothing left for Dumbo you. There are lots of ways you can still help, for instance, have a lemonade stand to raise money for these creatures to help.

Hope you found the hidden word.