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Term 1 Week 10 2021

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Tena koutou Parents and Whanau

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter long weekend together with friends and family. The weather certainly played ball to provide fantastic days for us to enjoy.

This will be a short newsletter as we only have a three day week.

You might have noticed that we are missing part of the school fence on Ema Street. This was caused by a vehicle which had been stolen earlier in the evening on Monday night driving through it and also taking out the street light and the power box which feeds into the school. Power was only restored to the school at about 6.30pm on Tuesday evening to allow us to open school today.

This is wishing all our parents and whanau a great week.

Teacher Only Day

This is a reminder that we will be having a Teacher Only Day on Friday 16 April to continue working on the review and evaluation of our curriculum. This means that there is no school for the children of our school as our teachers get to work on this important development.

Covid 19 / Coronavirus

As always anyone who is unwell should not be at school.

If your child has a cough or a cold they must not be sent to school. They need to be kept at home until they have recovered completely. We are having to phone an increasing number of parents to pick their child up because they are unwell.

If you have a particular concern about your child, you can contact Healthline at 0800 611 116 or their GP for medical advice.


Please download this app to your phone as it will become one of the important parts of our emergency contact procedure should we ever need to use it.

Ngaa mihi nui

Kevin Johnson

Principal /Tumuaki

Key Term Dates


  1. PIZZA DAY (Fundraising for Camps) - 14 April 2021
  2. Junior Reports Sent Home - 15 April 2021
  3. School Closes for the holidays - 15 April 2021
  4. TOD ( Teacher Only Day) Friday - 16 April 2021


1. School Opens for term two - 3 May 2021

Te Moananui a Kiwa Workshop Highlights -

Classroom Round Ups

Rm 1 Mrs Johnson

I hope everyone had a great Easter break. A big welcome to Willow who joined our class today. In Maths we are working on counting both forwards and backwards and counting and joining sets as part of basic addition. Our goal is accurate touch counting. Our Letterland work is y and z and we are learning to say the individual sounds in a 3 letter word and then run them together to make the word such as /m/-/a/-/n/ = (man). Many children have new reading words to practice each day at home. Building up a bank of basic words that can be instantly recognised is an important part of becoming a reader. Reading words must be kept in book bags please and not at home. Sometimes children may have the same reading book for 2 days, the first day to work through the new words and the second day to practise fluent reading.

Rm 2 Miss Green

Welcome back to week 10. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with their family and friends. This week, although a short week, we have a lot going on. We have children on new reading levels which is awesome. So very proud of the hard work the kids are putting in during class. Keep those readers and reading words going at home. It certainly helps. In maths we are practising forming numbers correctly, counting sets and joining sets to 10 accurately. Writing we are becoming more independent and learning to sound out and record all the sounds we hear in unknown words. We are great authors. Thanks to those who came in for parent interviews it was great to touch base.

Rm 3 Miss Swan

Kia ora koutou

I hope everyone has had a safe and happy mini break!

Writing: We begin to look at descriptive writing including physical characteristics.

Reading: Readers will go home today and Thursday. Please make sure bookbags are coming to school everyday.

Maths: We are looking closer at subtraction using a number line and Numicon.

Reminders for the week: Mrs Ashman will be in Thursday as I will be at a course in Hamilton. Our library day is Friday.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Rm 5 Miss Entwisle

It was great to have the Easter Break as a chance to recharge our batteries as we head into the last two weeks of this term. In Mathematics this week we continue to make and break numbers as we develop our ability to use round numbers to solve addition and subtraction problems. Our Writing will be around using observational skills and our five senses. Swimming has now finished until Term 4. A big THANKS to those students who participated fully and with enthusiasm in our class and hub swims. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Miss Entwisle via the school office: 078848803; email: mentwisle@tearohaprimary.school.nz or through the Seesaw message function.

Rm 6 Mrs Bankier

Mrs Bankier is away on sick leave until the end of the term. Mrs Fergusson will be relieving for her during this time. We wish Mrs Bankier a speedy recovery and look forward to having her back at school in the new term.

Rm 7 Mrs Paul

Wow what lovely weather Easter 2021 brought us. I hope you all had plenty of quality family time and ate way too much chocolate!!

While we only have a 3 day week we will be packing lots into it.

In Numeracy we are beginning our unit on Fractions by looking at how to read and write them. We will also be looking at working out fractions of a group. Ask your child to explain what they have learnt, to you. This is an excellent way to consolidate ideas. We will be testing the 2x,3x and 5x tables.

In writing we will be finishing off our Moment in Time writing, with an emphasis on wow words and editing.

In our Topic we will be looking at people who used to call Te Aroha home and have gone on to achieve great things.

Rm 8 Mrs Young

Landform Projects - This week students will choose an area of interest to research, explore and present. Timeline 2 Weeks.

Maths -Addition and Subtraction. Focus - Tidy Numbers, Doubling and Halving and Partitioning.

Literacy - The Wild Robot Returns - Focus Task - Chapter 71 is called Observations - A poem about the city, write your own version about where you live.

Online interactive quiz with detailed answers. Please login via https://socrative.com/ Click on Student Login and enter TAPSROOM82021. Whanau can also take part every week!

Home Learning - Library Books + EPIC Reading. Mathletics + Prototec + Weekly Quiz + Landforms Research Project (info sent home today).

Email- kyoung@tearohaprimary.school.nz

Rm 9 Gamble.

Short week this week.

Maths: This week we will revisit the strategies we have learnt this term. We will practice using these to help us solve addition and subtraction problems.

Literacy: This is the last week of reading for us this term. We have had such a blast learning about the Penguin over the last 5-6 weeks and have developed some good character profiles on the main characters. From writing haiku poems to reciting extracts from “The Ancient Mariner” there will be lots to do and learn.

Topic/Inquiry: This week we will choose an inquiry question related to landforms and research the answer. Students will present their work to the class at the end of week 11.

Homework: Weekly quiz, (this is available online or hard copy) - reading (20 minutes each night).

Reminder: Can school sports uniforms please be returned as soon as possible when they are no longer needed.

Have a great week everyone.

Rm 10 Mrs Brittenden

Kia ora koutou - a short week BUT it is going to be busy.

Financial Literacy - We enjoyed our visit with Callum from ASB and will complete taskboard activities exploring the themes of spending, saving, credit, debt and interest. These will be shared on Seesaw.

Maths - we explore the value of decimal numbers and look at the efficient strategies to solve decimal addition and subtraction problems.

Landforms Research - following on from our workshops on Landforms, we will begin an independent research task on Landforms. Mrs B will have more information for Rm 10 about this.

Thank you to the parents and whanau that came to Learning Discussions last week - it was wonderful to see you and share your child's learning with you.

Here's to a super week.

Arohanui - Mrs B dp@tearohaprimary.school.nz

TAPS Pizza Day - Fundraising for Senior Camps

Yum -a perfect way to end the term, Wednesday (14/04) with a PIZZA lunch! $3 for a quarter of a pizza.

The details -

Please place your child’s order in a named envelope with their room number on it in the box outside the office before school on Wednesday 14th April. Seniors and Mrs Young will be available to help with the orders.

Flavours -

  • Hawaiian / Cheese / Pepperoni /
  • Gluten and Vegan Free Options available when you place your order.
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