Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten News

September 25,2015

A Peek at the past week:

This week we focused on apples, and learning our short a word families. The students did a great job placing the short a words in the right houses. We learned a poem for apple week. Ask your child to recite our poem with the motions.

Way up high in the apple tree

two little apples smiled at me.

I shook that tree as hard as I could,

Down they fell , MMM they were good!

Our final event included both math and reading activities. We had fun weighing, guessing and measuring. A favorite was our apple pie playdough. We also each cut and peeled an apple and had some hot applesauce made by all!

A Big Thank you to Taylor and Annie's moms for coming in and making our Apple Day a success!

A look ahead...

Next week we will talk about the differences between living and non-living things. We will also read some books and talk about what we might see on our trip to Southern Bell Farms! We will continue to learn more about counting numbers in the teens.

The kids will wear their class t-shirts on Wednesday for our field trip. T-shirts will be handed out on Monday to the students that purchased a shirt. Please make sure that they wear their class shirt as it allows us to easily see our students. The students also love to wear a class shirt!

Reminders: Have your child wear comfortable clothing and shoes on Wednesday!

Bring in Box tops off of your General Mills products. They earn $ for our school.