Women Abuse Rises in Western Asia

Yashita Arya (Politics, Crime, and Suspense ) // 2015-05-31

Women Abuse in Western Asia Article

It all started in Western Asia when nobody thought women could do anything.

Women abuse started over 60 years ago. Women abuse and rights developed because the male gender thought they are the more dominant, stronger, more needed and better gender. So they thought women were weak and helpless and they can be overruled. But not long after that women started to stand up for themselves and each other, and to support one another. Today there are over 100 organizations in a bunch of countries supporting and helping women who need help.

Obviously women are the first lives impacted. In a family in Western Asia (India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, etc.) a women is 70% likely to get abused by the husband. The chain is basically this: the husband abuses the wife either verbally, physically or emotionally. Then the wife gets upset and wants to leave the family but most of the time they stay anyways so that the society doesn’t spread rumors about them. But if there are kids then the wife really wants to leave with her kids but the problem here is the husband maybe also wants the kids, so then they have to go to court and hope that either one of them win. Basically the wife, kids, and husband are affected. If somebody abuses a woman that’s not a part of their family or is just found from somewhere there’s nothing much the woman can do.

Especially in Pakistan and areas like that woman are physically used, and abused. The women don’t do anything because they say it’s bad to go against their religion so they just go along with it. Women do go against this in Pakistan but nothing really happens other than MAYBE a court issue if it’s allowed by the society. Every person involved with the woman being abused in anyway is affected and involved with this crime.

There are a lot of women rights NGO’s involved but to name a few there’s Pakistani Women's Human Rights Organization (PWHRO), CARE (For India), and WHO (World Health Organization). But WHO isn’t a women rights organization but they said it is bad for women’s health to be abused.

WomenACT (Women Abuse Council of Toronto) is an organization that plans change for women and help women who need help. They don’t just help in Canada they help everywhere help is needed.

Not a lot of progress and some progress has been made. There are a bunch of organizations helping women. But women are still getting abused in Western Asia especially because they think women are weak. Because still there are 93 rape reports reported every day to police stations in India. “The abuse doesn’t go lower there are just more complaints”, said Aditi (not her real name). She is not wrong said other people because these organizations can’t help all women in need every day. We are still working on trying to get abuse to stop but the bitter truth is that abuse and rape is never going to be completely gone and demolished. So people are saying that it would be better to help men understand not to abuse women and get more help and organizations on that.