MLK Shabbat

Honor MLK weekend and Celebrate Rabbi Abby Michaleski

In the past year, P'nai Or has found ways to bring some justice and sanity to this topsy turvy world.

This Shabbat January 17, celebrate how we came together with other congregations to work for living wages, fair funding for education, feeding those in need, and awareness of climate change.
Help create energy for Monday’ s Day of Service and Action.

Torah Study 9:15 Davvenen 10:30-1:00
We will weave the sounds and songs of the civil rights movement and justice activists into a spirited davvenen. The Torah verses will invoke Mosheh's call to leadership and the Haftorah will be a moving combination of inspiring words of MLK.

Groups working for social justice
If you belong to a group that is part of the fabric of social justice work, bring information/ flyers to display.

Celebration Lunch

Honor our newest Rabbi R. Abby Micheleski whose rabbinate is dedicated to bringing people together.
Bring a delicious bounty of food in celebration of the day.