SMS Bulletin 2.16.16

Show Respect-Make a Difference-Set the Bar High

Mission and Vision

Schmucker Middle School strives to cultivate a thriving learning environment that promotes academic excellence, socially responsible and productive citizenship, and lifelong learning. At Schmucker, we are a community of learners committed to showing respect, making a difference and setting the bar high.

To do list

1. Math Teachers give Acuity C, February 16-17

2. All teachers continue to recognize behaviors that demonstrate our SMS expectations and sign star cards.

3. Attend ISTEP staff meeting on 2/23. See below for who needs to attend.


Students will take ISTEP in their Math and Language arts classes this year. We will not be testing every student at the same time. Below is the ISTEP schedule we will use during Applied ISTEP. Math, Language Arts, 6th Science, 7th Social Studies and Ex. Ed. teachers need to attend an ISTEP staff meeting on 2/23 at 8:25.

2016 Applied ISTEP Schedule.

Advisory Period

Teachers can work with students with respect to flexibility on using Chromebooks during read days. If students have a book they have checked out online or are reading online, students can use them with teacher permission.

Please check the advisory calendar for next week. We will be modifying the calendar slightly as we will be adding mindfulness activities. Stay tuned.

Week 25

2/16: Read Day

2/17: Flex Day

2/18: Read Day

2/19: 5 Star Week 4: Responsibility Time Upgrade

Please access the link Advisory Resources for information regarding our 2nd quarter Advisory curriculum. This folder is shared with all teachers.

Lesson Planning

During our last staff meeting, I challenged PLCs to begin to plan actual lessons together. Sharing of ideas and resources is important, but lesson development and implementation is the true test as to whether or not strategies and resources used result in student learning. The documents below can be used to start this conversation. I would encourage all teachers to think about how they can use the SMS lesson planning document everyday with planning. It can help a teacher reflect on how often students are being ask to read, write, speak and listen during a lesson. Students should be doing these things everyday in every class.

Lesson Development Guidance

SMS Lesson Planning Document

Big image

A reminder of teacher best practice

1. Maintain a positive outlook and grow continually

2. Use Positive Behavior Support

3. Collaborate and use data (Active PLC member)

4. Differentiate instruction and use RTI

5. Try new things and be creative

6. Have fun and smile

7. Teach and model digital responsibility

8. Share resources and be flexible

9. Be proactive, not reactive

Professional Reading

What Connected Educators Do Differently.

Cheers for Peers

Don't forget to cheer for your peers.

Cheers for Peers

Sporting Events

Click her to see our school calendar of events.

Click here to see who is signed up to work sporting events.

SMS Sports Sign-Up