4F Classroom Newsletter

November 14, 2014

What we are learning?

This week, we have learned how to write a news article on natural disaster (landslide), we have written this in our Big Write notebook. Incorporated in our newswriting are the important features of a news article, facts and opinion as well as the basic punctuation marks learned in class.


In science, we have performed an investigation on Muffling at the Science laboratory. The students have a great time as they were able to apply the science concepts learned. They were also able to answer their Science review paper and the answers were discussed in class while the marked practice paper was sent home yesterday.


The students worked on with their factors and multiples in Math this week. They were also able to create a poster on these topics as this will also be displayed in our bulletin boards.


  • Class Photo will be held on Sunday, November 16, please ensure that your child is wearing a complete uniform.
  • Don’t forget to send the Dream Chest Box on Sunday. We have started working on this last Thursday, November 20 in our EP lesson for Dreams and Aspiration.
  • Our library day is on Tuesday, November 18. Please be sure your child returns their book.
  • In commemoration of his highness Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan, we encourage our students to bring a picture of his highness along with some information for our booklet making during our EP lesson this coming Thursday, November 20.
  • Math Review Paper 2 given last Thursday - November 13, this needs to be returned on Sunday.
  • As mentioned in the English Home Learning, students will write a news report about the Science day that was conducted by year 4 in Winchester school on RULED SHEETS which was sent home yesterday. The editing of this article will be done in class on 17th November 2014. Please ensure that the written output will be submitted on or before the due date.