Joyce Digital Fellows Newsletter

May 23rd - May 27th


  • Kim is implementing an AWESOME hyperdoc for her college project in her AVID class.
  • Eryn O'Day did an amazing job presenting at Techstravaganza. I LOVE how she differentiated her instruction with problems labeled "brave", "braver" and bravest"!
  • Jeanine Dibley is in the middle of Cross-Grade Level Essay revising. Her 8th grade students are writing an essay and 11th graders are editing/revising. Incredible!
  • Jose Palleras learned about and will implement Quizizz which is a beautiful blend between Kahoot and Socrative, fun but full of DATA!
  • Daphne Collins learned how to use Google Forms (so powerful)!

Eryn O'Day Techstravaganza

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Eryn has done an amazing job implementing GoFormative. It is a very powerful tool and can be used in ALL subject areas! Take some time to explore it and see what you think. Here is a link to a wide range of sample lessons that could be used.

Weekly Schedule

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