Boudicca was queen of the Iceni people of Eastern England she wore colourful clothes she was tall and strong. She had long red hair. She and her husband Prasutagus ruled Norfolk ruled together. when her husband died the romans changed there behaviour to Boudicca and her people. she led a major uprising against

the roman forces. She built a massive army and headed to London but the romans trapped her and her army in the wood as they defeated Boudicca but she let her army flea.

how she died

Boudicca fought very hard but when they captured Boudicca they had her whipped. nobody really knows how she died some say she got sick and died some say the romans killed her and some say when she had realised she lost she swallowed special poison. Norfolk is still there today just a little different. She died at the age of 39.


She was married to king Prasutegus and she had 2 children they were both girls the eldest daughter was named Henua and the youngest daughter was named Lanossea. Boudiccas last name was "Buddug." Prastugus died at the age of 60

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