By: Bradley Weber


Did you know farmers in colonial times had different tools,planted different crops, and had different life styles but usually had the same schedule. First, People I'm colonial times used farm tool a lot for different things In there daily lives. Next, In colonial times many of the farmers had the same schedule during there lives. Lastly, Farmers planted many crops they planted all kinds of them such as Colton in Georgia and more. Today, farming and farm life are still very similar to it in colonial days.

Farm Tools

In colonial times, People used farm tools very often and there many different kinds of tools. Farm tool were mostly hand made or made by a black smith. The black smith made many farm tool. The Colonist usually used scythes and sickles cut usually to cut grass and grain they were both sharp tools. Colonial women and children usually did hoeing for the corn and tobacco. The mattock was a tool like a pickax but with flat blades it was made to brake up soul and cut roots the Colonist usually used it. During the 1700 farmers began to use plows pulled by horses or oxen to prepare soil for planting. Farm tools were mostly used for crops because people built them for crops such as scythes for grass and grain. Farmers started with a sparse amount of tools because it took them time to make each one. Many of the farm tool people used in colonial times people still use them today.

Farm lifem

Many farmers in colonial times usually had the same schedule every day and did many of the same things. The first farmers did almost everything by hand such as building a barn and making there tools and more. The general life on a Fran was considered better then the towns because they don't half to worry about crime,poor,bad housing and more. Later on in colonial times farm houses started to get brick walls,fine furniture,silverware and more because people started to learn how to make them. Different farmers from different colonies grew different crops during there daily lives because people from different colonies learned how to grow different things. Farm life difficult a lot to because they had to provide food for the animals on there farm such as cows chickens pig and more. Farmers were always very hardy to be out in the hot sun all day planting crops cutting grass and more during there daily lives. Farm life in colonial times has changed in a very miniature way in the way it is today.


In colonial ties crops were grown all over the thirteen colonies and there were different kinds of crops. In Rhode Island they made a lot of dairy products and later developed a dairy industry. The New England colonies had a very sparse amount of soil and small farms so that's why they mostly planted grains and garden crops. Georgia was always known for growing cotton because they were in the southern colonies and that's where most of the crops were grown in the thirteen colonies and they a bunch of cotton to grow in Georgia. The Colonist grew corn,rice,potatoes, and wheat because those were always the most important crop to them. Thanks to farmers in colonial times we have food such as corn,wheat,potatoes, and more.


The farmers in colonial times played a big role in American history. First, farmers used tools most of the time for crops to cut grass and more. Next, later in farm life farmers started getting brick walls,fine furniture,silver ware and more. Lastly, Colonist planted different kinds of crops such as corn,rice,wheat, and potatoes. Today, farming and farm life changed in a very miniature way.


Crops- A plant or plant product that is grown by farmers

Farmers- A person who runs a farm

Provide- To give something wanted or needed to someone or something

Soil- An enclosure with fresh grass or green food

Sparse- Presents only in small amounts



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John F Warner Copyright copyright 1991


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