the department of state

#by jalen gaines#


1.The department of state is the oldest and highest ranking Candie office.

2.It was established in 1789, on behalf of the president in relations.

3.Also a valuable source of information for the president in foreign policy.

4.The department of states speaks for the united state in the united way.

5.The secretary of state is assisted by one or more for political affairs.

6.Economic energy and culture affairs arm control,international and security affairs.

democracy and global affairs public diplomacy and public affairs.

7.The department has six regional bureaus African affairs.

8.Oceans and international environment and scientific affairs.

9.Political-military affairs pop.refuges & migration pubic affairs.

10.The acts on behalf of the president in relation.

11.It also a valuable source.

12.The department of state is a vital link.

13. Educational and culture affairs.

14. The president foreign decision.

15. The other department include consul on.

16.It also a valuable source.

17. Democracy and global affairs.

18.Arms content international security affairs.

19.He department of state has economic business affairs.

20. Its headed by the Secretary of state