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Romeo is apart of the family, Montague. His family consists of 4 common characters. Lord Montague, Lady Montague, Mercutio (Romeo's friend), and Benvolio (Romeo's cousin) together, they all live in Verona and oppose the Capulet family.
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Romeo lives in Verona along with Juliet. Romeo is 17 and his lover, Juliet was around 13 years of age.

Juliet, from the family known as Capulet and Romeo from the family, Montague oppose each other and are in a 'feud' although both, Romeo and Juliet are in love.

In the end, Romeo commits suicide after being convinced that his wife, Juliet was poisoned.

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The Story Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is about two young lovers located in Verona, Italy. Romeo and Juliet are caught up in a complication between each of their families who do not get along. In the end after the two families have fought, Juliet's father tells Romeo that Juliet after drinking a fake poison that keeps her asleep unaware of Juliet's situation, Romeo kills himself beside Juliet's tomb. Once Juliet finds her dead husband next to her, she kills her self as well.

This was the first written story about Romeo and Juliet, this story was specifically published in the year, 1597. And performed in 1596.

Interesting facts

Both Romeo and Juliet live in Verona, Romeo and Juliet have families that oppose each other, Romeo was 17 and Juliet was around the age of 14 when they got married, and Romeo and Juliet both committed suicide.
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