Fantastic Fourth Grade

Week of April 27th

Important Reminders

  • Choir Monday at 3:00.
  • Variety show screening Monday and Tuesday.
  • Coins and cans food drive all week.
  • Pool Party permission slip due Friday.
  • Austin field trip Friday.

Austin Field Trip on Friday

  • Students need to be at school at 7:00 and picked up around 5:00.
  • Lunch must be in a ziploc bag and so must morning and afternoon snack.
  • Students need to be in school shirt.
  • Students can bring devices on bus but are responsible for them. They will be left on the bus during tours.
  • We will need two large ice chests (preferably on wheels.) if you have one we can use please email me.


This week we are working with fractions. We will grow our understanding of equivalent fractions and how to apply them when adding and subtracting. We are starting math projects that relate what we have learned this year to jobs in the real world. We will apply all of our skills to complete individual projects through May.

Social Studies

This week we are starting our Living Museum project. This project is done at school. Each child has selected a Texas hero to complete a research project on. They will study their hero's life and then write a speech. Each child will create a poster displaying their Hero's life. On May 13th we will have a Living Museum where you are invited to walk around and hear about Texas heroes from our students.