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Now with more Pizza!

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Free Pizza for Your Opinions!

Students, the Library needs your help!

The Cañada Library needs student input on our online collections. We are recruiting students to participate in a focus group on the library’s online resources.

The focus groups will be held in the Cañada Library, BLD. 9, 3rd Floor. You do not need to have used the library’s resources before to participate.

Dates and Times:

Monday, April 20th 12pm-1pm

Wednesday, April 22nd 6pm-7pm

RSVP preferred but not required

Diana Tedone

by April 19th

STEM 4 ECE Storytime Workshop!

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Spotlight on Access Science

Doing a biology paper and not sure where to start? Need help with anatomy? Want a (relatively) easy but still scientific explanation of black holes? The library database Access Science is a great resource for your science questions! With over 8,500 articles written by scientists and medical professionals for a lay audience Access Science is an excellent place to start your research.

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