Mrs. Shevy

By: Kyla Manning

Experience at Coleman Elementary School

Mrs. Shevy has taught for four years at Coleman Elementary School.

What Mrs. Shevy likes the most about working here is that it is a great school in small town and close to where she lives.

Life outside Coleman Elementary School

She doesn't get a lot of free time but when Mrs. Shevy does, she spends time with her kids. Mrs. Shevy participates in a drumming group with her son.

Mrs. Shevy and her husband Ken have three kids together.

A Little Extra Imformation

Mrs. Shevy would would like to be remembered for being a good person, helping others and being kind to every one.
The one piece of advice Mrs. Shevy would give to students is to always try your best no matter the situation.
Mrs. Shevy was most influenced by her parents because they were kind and loving. They also taught her how to be a responsible person.