A Native American tribe

The Karankawa and Where they lived

They shared and common language. They had a nomadic style of life so they had no permanent home and they were hunter gatherers. They hunted/gathered in groups and killed bison, fish,and other small prey. They made canoes to get to the barrier island in which they lived upon seasonally. They.They lived in the gulf coastal region almost right off the beach near Galveston.

Their basic lifestyle

They traveled in bands of 50 or less people they had a chief. They where a very smart tribe and they learned to use smoke signal for group attacks and other help signaling needs. They also raided other villiges.

Their other lifestyles

Modern Day

Modern day karankawa

The Karankawa Indians are now extinct for cannibalism but in the latest years they raided a lot of christian mission made by the Spanish. They also died off because of European diseases. They also raised dogs in there latest days.