St.Denis Basilica

The church of our patron

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The Basilica of St. Denis is known worldwide for its intriguing architectural style that paved the road for many architects to follow.

St. Denis is the patron saint of France and the first bishop of Paris back when it was a very much a roman city. The basilica is known to be the first major structure to be built in a gothic like style. Construction began in 1136 by Abbot Suger but was not finished until the end of the 13th century. The basilica is now credited for the constructions of other building in its style.

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The abbey of the church is home to the remains of all but 3 french monarchs from the 10th century to 1789. The church was closed during the French Revolution but was later restored and reopened by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806.
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If you're in Paris, you will most likely see this man...yes without a head.

According to catholic tradition the roman government was not very fond of Denis and decided to have him executed by beheading of course. Denis immediately rose, picked up his head and walked 6 kilometers ( 3.7 miles) north and eventually died. The spot he fell on is now the town of St. Denis.