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Great Holidays in Villas of Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar, a resort town on the southern part of Costa Brava, is also one of the most popular holiday areas of Spain. Home to fabulous beaches and with plenty of scope for outdoor activities, a vacation in Lloret de Mar is one of the most pleasurable experiences in the lives of visitors to the Costa Brava town. For an exciting self-catering vacation in villas, Lloret de Mar is the perfect holiday destination.

From the simple to the outstanding, a wide range of holiday villas are available in Lloret de Mar. These luxurious holiday homes replete with excellent facilities are the most comfortable accommodations in the Costa Brava resort. Located in scenic settings overlooking the sea and the verdant vegetation covering the surrounding landscape, the villas are the perfect places to enjoy the natural beauty of Lloret de Mar and experience its pleasant weather.

Where to Look for Villas in Lloret de Mar
By browsing a website dealing with villa rentals in Lloret de Mar, you will come across hundreds of holiday villas. Each of these holiday homes have a distinct character. There are cozy two bedroom villas suitable for family vacations, as well as large villas capable of accommodating large groups. The villa rents depend upon the size of the holiday home and its facilities. There are a number of pet friendly villas. People with mobility problems will find attractive villas with disability access.

Why Choose a Villa Holiday in Lloret de Mar
Choosing a villa as your holiday accommodation in Lloret de Mar will allow you to spend your vacation your way in the lovely Costa Brava town. Away from the bustling crowd of holidaymakers thronging the resort during the summer months, you will get the much-deserved rest in the privacy of a villa. The stylish villas with elegantly furnished rooms offer the comforts of modern city life. You can relax or enjoy a romantic alfresco meal by the side of the pool, in the lawn or on the terrace, enjoying the panoramic view of the coastal landscape. And when you are ready to mingle with the crowd, head out for the beach or the recreational centres of Lloret de Mar.

Features of Lloret de Mar Villas
Air-conditioned rooms, fully equipped kitchen, lawn and parking area are common features of the villas of Lloret de Mar. In addition to the basic amenities, luxurious facilities such as private swimming pool, Jacuzzi and barbecue area are offered by the beautiful villas of Lloret de Mar.

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