May 2019

Updates for Secondary Math Teachers

Steve Hiner

Office of Teaching and Learning

Secondary Math Specialist

Patty Paper

Don't forget! Patty Paper may now be used on AIR tests.

This can be a great help in geometry. Each high school Math I and Math II teacher should have received a pack of 1000 sheets to practice with. Each high school should have received a pack to use on testing dates. Each 8th grade teacher should have received a pack, as well.

For more information, calculator guidance, and graph paper/formula sheets, click here.

OSU Math Department

The Math Department at OSU Invites:

Young women entering the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade to Explore Math Beyond the Classroom

Place: The Department of Mathematics, Columbus Campus

(231 W. 18th Ave)

Dates: June 17 – June 28, 2019

Days: Monday-Friday

Time: 10am-2pm

Information and Registration:


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Final Exam Updates

There have been quite a few changes to Math I, II, and III this year. We have updated the final exam for each course. Remember that each math course is required to have a final exam which counts as 1/9th of the overall grade.

Teachers can do any of the following:

  • Use the district exam and grade as is
  • Modify the district exam as desired, since files will be in Word format
  • Create and use your own final exam and not use the district exam

We no longer have access to CiMS, so there's no testing format in the district to allow online testing. Of course, teachers could use ALEKS to create and automatically grade tests. Principals will be receiving instructions on how to order final exams for those wishing to use the district exam.

Accelerated Math Summer School

Students who passed the MS Accelerated Placement Test have a special summer school program available. They can study Math 7 all summer school long. At the end of summer school a test will be given in ALEKS. Students scoring 75% or higher will receive credit for Math 7. This means that they will only need to take Math 8 during grade 7.

Students should have taken home a letter with their results. A link is provided for them to obtain more information and to enroll in the special summer school course. For more information, please visit

OCTM Opportunity

The Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics is looking for 9-10 teachers who might be willing and interested to serve on a Diversity and Inclusion task force with Charles Bowman starting this summer. They would receive a year of OCTM membership for participating. In particular, OCTM wants to include people of color and people from other traditionally marginalized or underrepresented groups in mathematics education. If you are interested, please contact Kim Yoak, OCTM Executive Director (

Thread Count: The Intersection of Math and Fiber Arts

MAY 2 - JULY 6, 2019

Fiber arts have a deep connection to mathematics. Calculation and measurement are readily employed in constructing objects made of yarn, fabric, thread, reed, and the myriad of materials utilized by contemporary artists as they stitch, weave, and embellish. Thread Count is curated by Jane Black.

The following artists are featured in the exhibition: Deborah Bewley, Sandra Palmer Ciolino, Judy Kahle, Aimee Lee, John Lefelhocz, Janice Lessman-Moss, Migiwa Orimo, Christina Pereyma, Jessica Pinsky, Ian Ruffino, Judy Rush, Petra Soesemann, and Mary VanWassenhove.


For more info, see:


Geometry proofs are test on AIR test in ways that we don't always teach. For instance, students often are given a proof with missing reasons and/or statements. They then choose from a list of choices from an answer bank. They drag and drop these choices into the proof to complete their response.

If you have not created a free account with Edulastic, it is highly recommended. You can even sign in with your CCS Google account.

Check it out today:

Click the link below to try out some great interactive geometry proofs for Integrated Math I:

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MAP Support

Have you ever heard of ScootPad?

This program helps you:

  • Generate Individualized Learning Paths for students based on their latest MAP RIT Score

  • Ensure that students are working on concepts aligned to their MAP goal performance areas

  • Have students be automatically remediated/scaffolded, presented with instructional lessons, and assessed with automated Mastery Checks

  • Further challenge students based on the Target RIT Score you choose!

Equatio Webinar Available

Thanks to those who attended last month's webinar. You can view the presentation at the link below. Find out how to turn on new formulas and use the extremely helpful "predictive" feature.

Note: Due to Equatio regulations, you must use your CCS Google login to access the video.

MS Liaisons and HS Dept Chairs

Middle School Curriculum Liaison and HS Department chairs meetings will be held once again at Southland Center. Address is below.

MS: Curriculum Liaison meetings run from 4:00pm-6:00pm.

Our last meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 7.

We will be starting this program earlier next year and meet approximately every other month.

HS: Department chair meetings run from 3:30pm - 5:30pm.

Our last meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 15.


Southland Center

3700 S. High Street

Columbus, OH 43207


You've earned it!

We hope you come back relaxed, refreshed, and excited to take on another school year!

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