Wilson Weekly

Week of September 5th, 2017

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Action Items

  • Please be sure to have a sign-in sheet for parents at Curriculum Night. You may place it in my box when you are finished.
  • BOY Assessment Subs - K-5 DLI Teachers - If you need a sub to complete assessments, please email Michelle to schedule the day. K-5 Monolingual Teachers - If you need a sub to complete assessments, please speak with me to see what we can work out.
  • The district has asked that all emails going home to parents have the parent email addresses "BCCd." In other words, please make sure that email recipients cannot see other parents' email addresses. Let me know if you need help!
  • Educator Websites - Please make sure your website is up-to-date by Tuesday. At a minimum, each website should include: Contact Info, Schedule, Updated Weekly Newsletter, Photo, and any Recommended Resources. Feel free to use the default Schoolwires site or create your own Google Site, Weebly, etc.
  • Need your morning coffee? - We love keeping a pot of coffee brewed each morning. If you plan on drinking some, please bring in a bag of your favorite. That will help make sure we have enough each day!

Important Links

Report Card / IPR Timeline

Dates have been added to the Wilson Important Dates.

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DOT DAY is coming!

Check out the SMORE (below) from Jaime regarding our campus Dot Day celebrations! There are lots of opportunities to get involved. Want to know more? Shoot Jaime an email!

Also, consider joining the Global Read Aloud (see button below). There are several different ways you can get involved!

Science Updates

The following updates were shared by Linda...

GIZMOS – (Grades 3-12)

We adopted this resource for use in science in grades 3-8 as well as biology, chemistry, and physics. GIZMOS requires a different registration key for each campus. I have included the document linked below within the file called "course resources used all year" within the curriculum documents for each of science course in Schoology. Teachers may click on the link, then create a teacher account. For Title 1 campuses - teachers will continue to use the GIZMOS login they used last year.


GIZMOS Quick Start – If teachers want to jump right in and start using GIZMOS, here is a link for how to do that:https://drive.google.com/a/g.coppellisd.com/file/d/0B79X5HwPH04vRnhoR2dLZnN6ZDA/view?usp=sharing

GIZMOS Training – We will provide optional face-to-face GIZMOS training for secondary science teachers on our October 6th PD day from 12:30 – 3:30 pm. Registration is forthcoming. We will also train elementary instructional coaches and secondary science instructional coaches in how to utilize GIZMOS with small groups for interventions and extensions. This training will be October 20th from 12:30 – 3:30.

Mary and I will co-present a shorter after school version of GIZMOS training for 3rd – 5th grade math and science teachers after school. We have not yet selected a date or location.

Elementary Hands-On Science (Including FOSS) (K-5)

The FOSS kits have been permanently distributed to schools. Kits will no longer be rotated or picked up for restocking at the district level. You may either keep the kit materials within FOSS boxes, or place them on shelves for teachers to use/share. For ease in finding and/or ordering what is needed, I have included both a full inventory sheet for each kit and an inventory listing only the consumable items for each kit within our curriculum documents in Schoology.

Brad and I are working on a plan to support elementary campuses in purchasing hands-on science materials. More information will be shared after Sept. 1, 2017.

Exemplars Training with Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning (K-3)

We are working to schedule this training for teachers in grades K-3. We have embedded Exemplars within our curriculum for these grade levels. I will share dates as soon as we have confirmed them. This will likely be in October.

Argument-Driven Inquiry Training (4-12)

All new secondary science teachers were trained during our August 15th professional learning day.

ADI training for 4th and 5th grade science teachers new to CISD will be held on September 27th. Laurie will provide subs. Principals – email Linda Cook with the names of new 4th and 5th grade science teachers by Sept. 8th.

Page Keeley – Understanding Student Ideas in Science Formative Assessments (K-12)

We have embedded links to digital copies of these books within all science courses. From the link, the documents only open from a CISD computer used within CISD.

We are currently working to bring Page Keeley here to support the district-wide use of her formative assessment probes which are now embedded within our curriculum. I will update you with details if we are able to make this happen.

Coppell Nature Park (K-12)

The Coppell Nature Park is hosting a Fall Frolic on Saturday, October 7th from 11:00 – 1:00 pm. This is a great way for educators to learn more about what the CNP and the Biodiversity Education Center offer for field trips as well as professional learning.

I have added Coppell Nature Park field trip programs as curriculum extensions within Schoology where they best align with our TEKS.

TEA Science Safety Compliance Training

It has been shared with me that some educators have had difficulty logging into and completing this course by the Sept. 1 deadline. You may extend the deadline to Sept. 8th, if needed.

Discovery Education (K-5)

It is my understanding that all new K-5 educators have been enrolled into coppellisd.discoveryeducation.com to access the Discovery Education Techbook. If you have teachers that are not able to access this resource, please have them email me and I will enroll them.

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Tutor Update

We've secured the following tutors/interventionists to begin supporting our kids as soon as the required paperwork is finished! We'll keep you updated and begin working on schedules as soon as we have the green light.

  • Marci Brooks and Melissa Staab
  • Debra Marshall and Kim Drechsler

Reflex Math

2nd-5th grade educators have received an invitation to Reflex Math, a math fact fluency program. Educators, you should be able to move learners who are previously in the system into your class. Learners who are not in the system, please add them. If you have questions see a teammate or Mary. :)
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Week At A Glance

Monday - Labor Day!

Tuesday -

  • 1st Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • 3:30 - New Educator GE Training


  • 5th Grade Collaborative Team Time (RtI)
  • 3:30 - Faculty Meeting (all staff attend)


  • 4th Grade Collaborative Team Time (RtI)
  • Curriculum Night (5:30-6:00, 6:00-6:30)


  • No Rise & Shine
  • 2:15 - Spirit Rally
  • Cooper Off Campus

Looking Ahead...

  • 9/11-9/15 - Dot Week!
  • 9/11 - Rangers Rally for Relief - 6:00
  • 9/12- 3:30 - New Educator GE Training
  • 9/12 - Spring Creek Night
  • 9/13 - FedEx
  • 9/14 - Picture Day